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Description du produit

Taking the notion of combining flagship performance with workhorse dependability one step further, we’re introducing the Terra C. This shares the same hub and spoke architecture as the Terra CL, ensuring ease of service and spoke replacement should the need arise, and is paired with an entirely new rim layup. The rims on the Terra C share the same dimensions and broad range of tire mounting possibilities as the Terra CLX and CL – 33mm deep with a 25mm internal width – but are crafted using a new-to-us process known as Resin Transfer Molding. This is an automated process that allows us to very precisely control how resin is introduced to the layup, which in turn ensures maximum strength and material performance. The end result is an incredibly tough set of wheels that you can beat on to hell and back.


Etat Neuf
Numéro de la pièce 30021-4900
Année 2021
Prix neuf d'origine CHF 1'400.- /  Tu économises CHF 643.-

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