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How to sell?

Sell your bike, e-bike or bicycle accessories with an advertisement in the largest online bicycle marketplace in Switzerland. Advertise with a few clicks and find a buyer in a short time!

As a private seller
Create your
We find a buyer
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  • Create your ad
    Take your time for it. It's worth it. You avoid trouble and may get a better price for your bike.
  • We find a buyer for your bike
    We place your ad online and advertise for you. You can contact us by sharing the link to your bike on social media. Important: If you sell your bike by other means, you must place your ad on Delete TCS velocorner.ch.
  • You and the buyer agree on the delivery date
    As soon as we have found a buyer for you, you will arrange a meeting with him so that you can hand over the item and complete the purchase.
    About the TCS velocorner.ch chat (recommended) or via WhatsApp/SMS directly with Buyer. The terms and conditions of delivery are to be agreed directly with the buyer.
  • You hand over your bike
    Hand over the item and ask him to confirm the purchase on TCS velocorner.ch at the same time.
    A few tips:
    A clean, oiled bike works better than a dirty, squeaking one.
    Bring the promised equipment and all original receipts.
    Do not worry about runaways. The interested party has the purchase amount already stored.
    Explain to the buyer everything he needs to know.
    Help the buyer to adapt the bike to his needs (if you have knowledge about the necessary tools).
    Do not worry if the interested party does not want the bike. We will refund him the deposited purchase amount and find another buyer for your bike.
  • You get paid
    The handover was successful? Great! As soon as the buyer informs us of the receipt of the bike confirmed, we will send you a receipt and transfer the agreed Price. This usually takes one to two working days.
As a specialist dealer
You are a specialized dealer and want to use velocorner? Please leave a message here your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!
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